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Invoice Workflow


  • we no longer preserve line items of original SRO (since Customer signed a hardcopy original)

  • we no longer create the Invoice when the SRO is completed

FRONT DESK - when SRO is created

  • be verbose with “Problem Description” - narrate BOTH Customers issues and work to be done

  • follow PROMPT Part instructions and then delete them

  • if adding a New or Refurnished Mac to an SRO that is;

In Stock

  • remove from stock / FileMaker

  • capture serial number in SRO

  • create Order for the Mac and reserve it

Not In Stock or CTO

  • create Order from SRO with needed items - DO NOT reserve stock – email it to Craig

TECH – will update the SRO

  • work notes so they reflect the work authorized & performed (remember that notes will be read by the Customer)

  • so that it is a “draft version” of the Invoice

  • xParts – if it

  • starts with •• then add the correct Apple Part (update LightSpeed Apple Part with xPart price)

  • does not start with •• then do not edit nor delete it

  • with any ADJUST part to reflect discount to preauthorized price limit

  • note when work is completed and that the Customer has been called

  • EXCEPTION : if Customer declines to do work – change quantitoes to zero and add “No Charge” part (this way if customer returns to do work we can pick up where we left off)

  • flip tracker to Work Done

  • put it on outgoing shelf

FRONT DESK - after work is done

  • watch Work Done tracker and;

  • review the entire SRO

  • verify that Parts & pricing accurately reflect work performed

  • verify SRO spelling & grammar

  • delete any Parts with ••

  • add note if a Courier picks up or if we ship it

  • if shipping is required coordinate with Craig to ship it

  • ensure Customer has been called

  • ensure the SRO is ready to be Invoiced

  • flip tracker to Verified

FRONT DESK - when Customer is picking up

  • find SRO in LightSpeed

  • get customers stuff from outgoing

  • review with Customer the work that was done and charges – make any last minute changes to SRO

  • create Invoice

  • if pop-up asks

  • Order is Invoiced = Yes, save changes

  • DO NOT reserve inventory

  • take payment

  • offer to email receipt to customer and only print one hardcopy for customer to sign

FRONT DESK - watch for aging SRO’s

  • monitor Verified tracker

  • contact Customers to pick-up (after 90 days it’s considered abandon – then check with Craig or Blair)

  • note all communications is SRO notes

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